Nova Faham
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About & Contact

Hello there,

I am a Gothenburg based filmmaker & photographer, with a deep affection for animals and their emotional impact on lives, hence my focus on photographing your pets for you {& myself ;)}

What I will be trying to achieve is not the ordinary portrait but rather what visualises your furry friends’ personality, what aspect of your life they impact the most and hopefully catch a bonding moment which can be cherished throughout time.

This will require we have a talk, for I would love to hear stories about how you met, what you do together, how you feel when around them and so on. We then might go to a forest, a park or just hang around the house. The perfect shot demands a loving patience & focus, and I’m most happy to be the one to provide that, you see, I understand quite well what type of a relation is formed with fellow animals, I have been experiencing this for 8 years now with Chester, the gorgeous dog you may have already seen many pictures of. He is my friend and my constant, and it would bring me both joy and honour to be allowed to portray such a relation anytime.

Get in touch for further information.

Love & Peace. 🙂